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Book Design & Typesetting
for Book Publishers

For Book Publishers wanting to outsource their production costs Murray & McCarthy has a full range of services for plain text & fully illustrated books. You can depend on a colour managed, properly formatted PDF ready for press.

Book Design

  • Writing & Editing
  • Illustration & Graphics
  • Typesetting
  • Cover Design
  • Colour Management
  • Prepress PDFs

Visit the Book Design Services page and view the writing, design and illustration services of Murray & McCarthy Publishing and Design.

Graphic Design & Illustration
for Print and Web

Design it! Print it! Put it on the Web! However you want it, that's how it will be done. Whether Graphic Designs, Illustrations, Maps or a complete publication from start to finish, Murray & McCarthy has all the resources you need.

Illustrations, Photos & Maps

  • Booklets, Leaflets & Flyers
  • Posters & Banners
  • Photography & Image Editing
  • Restoration of Damaged Photographs
  • Illustrated Maps & Site Plans
  • Vector Logos & Technical Illustrations

Your publication is just a phone call away! The entire process can be done by telephone conference, PDF Reviews, and E-mails!

Small Press Publishing
for Self-Published Authors

The industry of book publishing is changing dramatically leaving creative and innovative authors & poets trying to break in to the million seller book market. Instead you can choose to join the many self-published authors who have taken that risk believing in their work and refusing to be ignored on an editor's 'slush pile' waiting for their opportunity. So are you ready for the challenge of self-publishing? Murray & McCarthy Publishing is ready for you!

Book Publishing

  • Writing & Editing
  • Book & Cover Design
  • Illustrations & Graphics
  • ISBN & Author Copyrights
  • Printing & Binding

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NEW! Audio Books & Poetry Recordings

Complete Audiobook Production and MP3 Downloads

Listen to samples of Audio Books & MP3's Published and Recorded at Murray & McCarthy Publishing

ABOUT AUDIO BOOKS - A great alternative to Expensive Printing
Printing books can be expensive, but instead consider publishing an AUDIOBOOK complete with downloadable cover artwork, table of contents, including synopsis and author's notes. Audio Books can be shared across the web from your social media platforms like Facebook and Sound Cloud, downloaded from your website, or sent by text messaging or email to your specific audience.

Poetry, songs and stories can be produced in WAV and MP3 format and can be used on a varitety of platforms including iTunes, or downloaded from your website, or shared as a demo on social media websites like Sound Cloud and Facebook. Audio files can be compiled into audiobooks as M4B format or can be prepared for submission to Amazon's AUDIBLE audiobook AAX platform containing an extensive library of audiobooks. So take that voice of yours out for a long overdue walk on the wild side!