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Author: Jonathan Jennings

ISBN: 978-1-9996683-0-3

• Softcover Book
• 96 pages
• Format: Perfect Bind
• Size: h182 x w108 x s5 mm
• Genre: Poetry, Songs,
• 30 Colour Illustrations
• Price: £10.75   €12.00

Publisher: Murray & McCarthy Publishing and Design

Release Date: 2018

Available in:
• Softcover Book

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Jonathan Jennings

PRICE: £10.75   $12.00

ISBN: 978-0-9556985-4-5

Poetry can come from the most unexpected places giving it not only its place as an art form, but at many times seems magically and universally connected to something greater than ourselves, something at the deep core, that each of us are searching for in so many ways with our expressions of the heart.Imagine if you will a farm, full of every kind of equipment for farming the land, and further imagine hands full of grease, handling all kinds of metals, fixing countless machines on a daily basis, cows and clocks, a father to four fine sons, including a rally car driving obsession, and finally to add to that list a recent hand-made forge and foundry for pouring bronze sculptures.
And the reason I am asking you to imagine this scene is because imagine now if you will the age-old craft of poetry full of passion and insight, wisdom and empathy, and at its core the unique creative perceptions that are required of any person endeavouring to write poetry.
And now in an extraordinary union of these elements, like the union of fire and bronze you will find the poetic sculpted words of an extraordinary poet bridging the gap between these seemingly incompatible worlds. The poetry of Jonathan Jennings is born in that space between these worlds and is presented here for the first time for your discovery.

Jonathan Jennings first book of published poems has an extraordinary variety of subjects inspired from his farming, to his foundry work of casting bronze sculptures, and his practice in guitar playing and song-writing. The loss of his mom and dad was the catalyst that propelled him to share this collection of creative and yet sensitive poetry aptly titled 'Desire to Inspire.


"The sketches from ‘‘Over the Top 1916’ and ‘I James’ are from an ancestral book of sketches from one of my great grandfathers sketch books who was studying to be a book illustrator. After 100 years he has finally attained that goal and it is my privilege to honour his artistic dreams within this book of poems.
The poem 1916 which I wrote nine months before the book of sketches presented themselves in my mother’s birth home on a bookshelf in a disused back-room. The sketches led me to writing the poem ‘I James’ from which I developed the entire poem from two verses found in the sketchbook and were writings of the RUBAIYAT by Omar Khayyam. And also strangely is the fact the Andrew Ryan who is my nephew and whose illustrations are also included in this book are a continuation of that book illustration ancestry first realised by his great great grandfather John James Fitzpatrick."

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jonathan Jennings

Jonathan Jennings was born 17 March 1962 and lives in Clonakilty Co. Cork. Jonathan has worked on the family dairy and tillage farm since he was a young boy and since then has continued to expand the farm to include beef livestock where he continues to farm in Clonakilty. Jonathan has had 20 years in Motor Sports (Kart Racing, Rally Driving and Navigating) and has won numerous class wins including having the privilege of competing and winning in the class ‘The Suicide Brigade’. And has thoroughly enjoyed sharing the sport with his son Philip as a father/son driving and navigating team. He is also a trained and experienced mechanical engineer for agricultural/industrial sector of heavy machinery.
A new addition to Jonathan’s interests is his latest venture Jennings Foundry for pouring bronze sculptures. His first project and maiden voyage for Jennings Foundry was for Alison Ducker of Livingstone Studio where he found his love for foundry work in casting in bronze Alison’s extraordinary artwork of figures and capturing of movement in her sculptures. Since the death of his mom and dad Jonathan has taken to expressing many of his thoughts and experiences through poetry and song. This book is his first published book of poetry covering many of the themes he has experienced throughout his life where he has always jotted down his thoughts in the past, but now has taken the time to share his poetry in his book properly titled ‘Desire to Inspire’ for this is his intention for the people in his life and for all those he has met down through the years.