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Book Title:
An Irish Fairy Tale

Author: Mary Bermingham

Illustrator: Anne Forde

ISBN: 978-1-9996683-2-7

• Softcover Book
• 96 pages
• Format: Perfect Bind
• Size: h210 x w148 x s7 mm
• Genre: Children's Book
• +100 Colour Illustrations
• Price: £8.65   $10.00

Publisher: Murray & McCarthy Publishing

Release Date: Jan. 2020

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An Irish Fairy Tale

Author: Mary Bermingham
Illustrator: Anne Forde

PRICE: £8.65   $10.00

ISBN: 978-1-9996683-2-7

"If you want to make your children intelligent
read them fairy tales.
If you want to make them more intelligent
read them more fairy tales."

Albert Einstein


When Zarara, the gymnastic Tooth Fairy, accidentally spills the last bottle of fairy DUST, Queen Maeve finds that she is missing the vital ingredient to make a new batch, a Princess’s Tear. Now the fairies are in BIG TROUBLE, they cannot fly and have lost their magic powers. Join the fabulously bossy Queen Maeve, the cranky King Dagda, the sprightly Zarara and all the other fairies from the Hazel Woodland at Cloonasee on a hilarious, heroic journey to Princess Moppet’s castle. Can they complete their quest before the full moon to regain their magic powers? Buckle up and join the fairies on a thrilling ride down the underground river to save the magic!
DUST - a funny, action-packed, magical adventure for the young at heart.


Mary Bermingham, author of DUST, is co-founder of the Burren Nature Sanctuary in Kinvara where over 30,000 people visit the fairy woodland every year. But what do the fairies from Cloonasee (Meadow of the Fairies) get up to? Find out in ‘DUST’ a fairy adventure. With over 100 colour illustrations by illustrator and artist Anne Forde.