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The Stone Circle and Fulacht Fiadh
Site Plans & Construction Methods

Author: Ronan Murray

ISBN: 978-0-9556985-7-6
2nd Edition 2014
Softcover Book - Perfect Bind
216 pages, Full Colour
150+ Photos, Illustrations
and construction Site Plans
Price: €36.00

ISBN: 978-0-9556985-6-9
1st Edition 2013
Hardcover Book
72 pages, Full Colour
Oversize with Spiral Binding
50+ Photos, Illustrations
and construction Site Plans
Price: €25.00

Publisher: Murray & McCarthy Publishing and Design

3rd Edition eBOOK
to be Released in 2018

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The Stone Circle and Fulacht Fiadh

Site Plans and Construction Methods

Ronan Murray

PRICE: €36.00   2nd Edition 2014

ISBN: 978-0-9556985-7-6

PRICE: €25.00   1st Edition 2013

ISBN: 978-0-9556985-6-9

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Secrets of Drombeg

3rd Edition eBook 2018
scheduled for release in 2018

Secrets of Drombeg is currently SOLD OUT, but remains available for both reference and loan in the following Public Libraries and Legal Deposit Copyright Libraries.



"Secrets of Drombeg 2nd Edition 2014 - The Stone Circle and Fulacht Fiadh" has proven to be very popular for those interested in the megalithic stone circles of the Irish Bronze Age and has had feature articles written in both the IRISH TIMES and the SOUTHERN STAR and the WEST CORK PEOPLE.

Murray & McCarthy Publishing and Design released the book 'Secrets of Drombeg - 2nd Edition in 2014. This extensive self-published work by author Ronan Murray continues to uncover many of the mysteries about the Drombeg Stone Circle in West Cork, Ireland. This fully illustrated book is complete with photographic proofs and illustrations, and accurately laid out site plans, based on the 1959 Archaeological Excavations of Edward Fahy. You will find in this research the original ideas and construction methods for this Bronze Age Triad of Stone Circles which include the stone circle sites of Bohonagh and Reenascreena, each 6 kilometres away, laid out in the form of a 60° Equilateral Triangle, aligned to the Equinox sun cycle of 720 sun diameters calculated by the use of a water clock measuring volumes of water from sunrise to the following sunrise., and orienting the circle to the earth's rotational axis around the polar True-North Star Axis.


The cultural significance of this book is profound in that the concepts put forward show the Bronze Age Irish of at least 1,000 BC to have an amazing facility with numbers, geometry, and land surveying. This knowledge displayed at Drombeg about the cycles of the sun at the Spring Equinox also shows the possible influence of Babylonian numerals and mathematics and a system of right triangle geometry used in the Mesopotamian region dating as far back as 3,000 BC.


The author since 2005 has conducted years of on-site research concerning the solar and lunar alignments of the 8 divisions of the solsice year and puts forward an amazing system of perfect numbers, including using a Golden Ratio, that these sun-worshippers over 3,000 years ago, (c.1100 BC), used to create a sacred geometry to join the life-giving elements of Sunlight and Water and to create a union between the earth and sky where the eternal gods did dwell.


Ronan Murray is the book designer and publisher for Murray & McCarthy Publishing and Design and has an unbridled passion for the Drombeg Stone Circle of West Cork. Prior to his work as a graphic designer he worked for fifteen years as a civil engineering draughtsman and worked with land surveyors creating traverses and reducing survey notes for contour maps. He produced site plans, topographic maps, and construction plans for companies like Bechtel on the Portland Light Rail Transit System in the US and E.G. Petitt and Company on the Cork Main Drainage project including the Warner Lambert Pharmaceutical Plant in Ringaskiddy.


He began his on-site research at the Drombeg Stone Circle in 2005 but in 2010 a special event happened at the annual Winter Solstice sunrise alignment which set him on a path of obsession in discovering how the Drombeg Stone Circle was built. The event was a total eclipse of the moon which happened on the same day as the Winter Solstice Sunrise on December 21st. Though the Winter Sunrise alignment happens each year in the same position in the stone circle overlooking the sea horizon, but this particular eclipsed moon event happens only every 700 years and it gave a dramatic addition to this yearly event.


On the back cover of the book is that morning's Winter Sunrise alignment of 2010 which reveals the perfect alignment which orients the stone circle to the sunrise axis at exactly 7.5 degrees to Drombeg's Axial Baseline and sets the stage for an amazing journey into Drombeg's relationship geometry where the use of a Babylonian Water Clock may have been used in determining the diameter size of the sun in the sky so they could translate the proportion of its size to an enscribed circle on the ground where they could then place the megaliths of stones in their proper seasonal alignments to create the stone circle.